horrible meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
horrible meaning in tamil is பயங்கரமான, பாடாவடியாக உள்ளது

horrible meaning in tamil with example

horrible tamil meaning and more example for horrible will be given in tamil.
Muthukrishnan Bangalore What happened in Patiala in broad daylight in full of view of the police journalists and the people was horrible and unbelievable. Deepu. S. A. Hyderabad Thanks to traffic There is utsav in most of the homes everyday thanks to the horrible traffic. Just Like isnt as horrible as some of the films out recently such as Truth About Love or In Her Shoes. The women who really need to be empowered are living in the most horrible conditions and they do not even know that there is something called Womens Day. But it was the next three dismissals unfolding with horrible inexorability that halted Englands innings as surely as an iceberg ripping open an ocean liner. The Guardian said First Lahore then Mohali now Delhi. Navjit Sandhu had a horrible outing as he dropped three on Ruffian and then fell from his famous horse Twister while trying to clear obstacle 10C in his second entry in the event. We are assisting Irfans family all the way... Outlook and his family are going to be together to try to overturn this horrible verdict Mehta said speaking to NDTV 24X7 news channel here. He said it would be horrible to attack Iran but it was showing no signs of compromise on the nuclear issue. One of them said electioneering during the past few weeks had made him realise the horrible condition of roads lack of adequate water supply absence of veterinary hospital and healthcare centres. Just like the rape of the 16yearold at the centre of the political storm in Srinagar each of these stories constitutes a horrible tragedy.