horn meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
horn meaning in tamil is கொம்பு

horn meaning in tamil with example

horn tamil meaning and more example for horn will be given in tamil.
They were easily overpowered and were soon hostages on their own ship the victims of Somali pirates who have made the coastal waters off the Horn of Africa some of the most dangerous in the world. The United Nations has been forced to stop shipping food to the Horn of Africa and instead has to use unsurfaced roads through northern Kenya raising the costs and threatening the survival of half a million people in droughtstricken southern Somalia. The cases were booked under various heads of offences like overload exceeding speed limit rash driving driving without licence drunken driving triple ride horn violations wrong side overtaking parking violation dazzling head light driving with cell phone etc. The crisis that we are witnessing cannot be expected to end until July said Jacques de Maio the Genevabased ICRCs head of operations for the Horn of Africa region. The drought affecting Somalia is being felt across much of east Africa and the Horn 151 including Kenya Ethiopia and Djibouti 151 where 11.5 million people now require food aid. Many persons wearing helmets find it difficult to hear the horn of a vehicle approaching from behind. Traditional churches will no doubt favour the pipe organ and piano settings or perhaps even try the big strings and harpsichord. But the more adventurous will be able to experiment with driving drum beats and horn sections. The law courts had banned horn type of speakers and had imposed control on their use between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The strictures helped to make the elections as euphonious as possible.