horizon meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
horizon meaning in tamil is கீழ்வானம், தொடுவானம்

horizon meaning in tamil with example

horizon tamil meaning and more example for horizon will be given in tamil.
The Lakshmi Mittal Sports Foundation established by the richest Indian has found the most talented shuttler on the Indian horizon and Hyderabadi Saina Nehawal as a prospective champion in the elite international circuit and quietly signed an agreement with her for the next three years. It is fair to say that glorious days are ahead for Carnatic music she said and added that youngsters have entered the field and shine like bright stars on the horizon and they would ensure the future of carnatic music. The Makarajyoti appears on the eastern horizon as soon as the deeparadhana at the Ayyapa Temple takes place on January 14 evening. Devotees are also perched on rooftops of all buildings at vantage points at the Sannidhanam to witness the Makarajyothi which appears on the eastern horizon on Saturday evening immediately after the deeparadhana. Blood bag manufacturers Terumo Penpol Ltd is organising a quiz competition on blood and blood donation for college students at Hotel Horizon here at 3 p.m. on January 28 according to a press release. She called upon girl students to widen their mental horizon by keeping themselves updated about developments and at the same time make efforts to explore new avenues. Hotel Dolphin is organising Republic Day buffet lunch comprising vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes at its restaurant Horizon from 12.30 p.m. Hotel Green Park is organising the Tricolour Treat. An elaborate preface in English and an introduction in Tamil map the historical horizon into which these inscriptions could be placed.