hoodwink meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hoodwink meaning in tamil is ஏய்க்கப்பார்க்கிறாய்

hoodwink meaning in tamil with example

hoodwink tamil meaning and more example for hoodwink will be given in tamil.
The Government had delayed wage revision by over three years and its declaration that the wage revision would be given effect in March was to hoodwink the employees and teachers. The Opposition Left Democratic Front LDF has described the Government decisions relating to the Narendran Commission report insincere and meant only to hoodwink the backward communities. What it had done instead was to hoodwink the backward communities with the promise to prepare supplementary lists. Dragging intellectuals and social critics like justice V.R. Krishna Iyer and M.K. Sanu into the issue by the Left organisations was only to hoodwink the public they said. He said that the provisions of Consumer Protection Act should be propagated among the people as there should be no room for any section of merchants and others to hoodwink the consumers and users of services. Chandrachoodan said the Budget was intended only to hoodwink the people as it contained no proposal for resource mobilisation to finance the benefits and concessions announced by the Finance Minister. The work has led researchers to recommend some lowcost ways for fishermen to hoodwink the highly intelligent cetaceans. John said that his statement that the DICK leaderships declarations at the March 20 Kochi convention were to hoodwink the followers had proven right. TDP floor leader Yerubothu Ramana Rao said the revenue figures in the budget were inflated and designed to hoodwink the public. The Ministers announcement is seen in the backdrop of the impending local body elections while the Opposition parties view the announcement as a bait to hoodwink the ryots.