honey meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
honey meaning in tamil is செல்லப்பிள்ளை

honey meaning in tamil with example

honey tamil meaning and more example for honey will be given in tamil.
He said that Sree Ramakrishna had aptly observed that the Bhagavatham was being fried in the butter of knowledge and steeped in the honey of love. Krishnan 17 of Suffern in New York researched the antimicrobial activity of over 1000 bacterial isolates from the honey sacs of honeybees Apis mellifera against seven pathogens for her Intel Science Talent Search project in microbiology. The authorities must ensure the following Supply the best quality honey in the right quantity to the students. Sensiluvai Kollam Create awareness Many suggestions may be put forth to replace egg with honey or other such substitutes in the nutritious meal scheme for children. Shreya A.S Thiruvananthapuram Ensure availability I was on the lookout for good quality honey for a medicinal preparation and came across Amruth Honey a product of HORTICORP a public sector unit under the Government of Kerala. Though honey has medicinal properties the honey available in the market is adulterated with jaggery syrup. Given the paltry means of storage available in most Government schools today and the difficulty in obtaining fresh eggs distributing honey to schoolchildren is a feasible idea. Moreover the distribution of honey to all children irrespective of whether they are vegetarians or not shall do away with the differences that might arise when two different items eggsbananas are distributed. The fructose in the honey crystallises at room temperature and has to be heated by a special process to prevent crystallisation.