honesty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
honesty meaning in tamil is கௌரவம்

honesty meaning in tamil with example

honesty tamil meaning and more example for honesty will be given in tamil.
We call it a day after resolving to continue serving the nation with the utmost sincerity honesty and dedication. Her perceived humour and honesty have catapulted her to the top of the ratings and she is a clear favourite to win Sundays presidential elections. Clients colleagues and other members of the public had started considering him as a person having no intellectual character or honesty and integrity. It would be ideal if people of integrity honesty and sincerity are chosen out of professionals in disciplines like law medicine science engineering commerce etc. The President had the option of returning the recommendation for a review which he perhaps did not do because he did not expect the Manmohan Singh Government to sacrifice honesty for political survival. Commendation by the Chief of Naval Staff for dedication professional competence honesty of purpose and integrity was presented to one officer three sailors and two defence civilians. The Speaker known for his honesty and integrity adjourned the House sine die without consulting me or senior Ministers. Congress legislators who wanted to know on what grounds the Speaker had recognised H.D. Kumaraswamy as the leader of the Janata Dal S Legislature Party staged a dharna. We should enjoy it in a natural way he said adding that permanent happiness can be achieved through truth honesty and selflessness. This amply proved the Governments impartiality honesty and boldness in bringing forward the law keeping peoples interest alone in mind she said.