honest meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
honest meaning in tamil is நேர்மையான

honest meaning in tamil with example

honest tamil meaning and more example for honest will be given in tamil.
Let people give their mandate in the Assembly elections to ensure good governance by an honest and corruption free Government to pave the way for the States progress. Communist Party of India State secretary D. You appoint an ombudsman because you want your news organisation to be an honest selfcorrecting institution with a dedication to getting it right and no interest in getting it wrong he said. An honest police officer has often set evils plaguing the system right in several Bollywood films that have otherwise not been very kind when it comes to portraying the men in khaki. For instance Gangaajal is not only the story of an honest cop it also shows how unbridled use of force can have devastating consequences. This nonconfrontational style has been criticised as superficial yet Chileans consistently rank her as the most honest and capable politician in the nation. There was a tradition of honest people both in Parliament and outside who were holding the country together. Narayanamurthy called upon the students to fight corruption and perform honest deeds so that India could emerge as a wellrespected nation. M.K.D. Prasada Rao Ghaziabad U.P. An honest Prime Minister means nothing if he is unable to maintain discipline among his team members. The response of the Government and the CBI was thus far from making any honest effort to trace the source of Mr. This step would also enable honest property owners to undo their unauthorised constructions on their own the Bench added. The MCD has released the figure to create panic among honest citizens of the Capital and generate sympathy for the violators.