homosexuality meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
homosexuality meaning in tamil is சமபாலின சேர்கையில் ஈடுபடகிறவர்

homosexuality meaning in tamil with example

homosexuality tamil meaning and more example for homosexuality will be given in tamil.
The report said the arrests raise serious questions about the perception of homosexuality as unnatural by the State authorities and the flawed nature of Sec. There is a debate across the globe as to whether homosexuality is caused by genetic disorder or a learned behaviour he added. There are many laudable things that one can learn from the West but its approach to homosexuality is certainly not among them. The frequent use of the word abnormal in the article to drive home the authors preconceived notion about homosexuality is unwarranted. It is strange that while it has been universally accepted that homosexuality is neither a perversion nor an illness the paramedical person feels it is abnormal and young people could become victim of the abnormality. Hari Nair Nunkini Mexico Homosexuality is socially acceptable in nearly all of urban Western Europe North America and many primitive societies while ritual homosexuality is also socially acceptable in India. Without the unstudied references to society ethics and medicine we must recognise that some have a feeling that they cannot understand homosexuality but such views are personal.