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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
holocaust meaning in tamil is அழிவு, சேதம்

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Stave has been involved with projects like talking to Holocaust survivors former nuns and the first women to vote in the United States. The description echoes Mr Ahmadinejads characterisation of Holocaust denial earlier this month as a scientific debate. But following a chorus of antiZionist rhetoric since the President was elected last June the announcement will trigger suspicions that the aim is to deny that the Holocaust happened. Bush last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel described Mr Ahmadinejads position on the Holocaust as unacceptable. Describing the Holocaust as a question that had to be cleared up by scholars he added My question was very clear. As the Holocaust moves from memory to history they have come to see the Nazi period as part of the past rather than the living present. I had wanted to defy the Nazi propagandist and antisemite David Irving who likes to declare that the Holocaust was the only interesting thing that ever happened to the Jews. He has in the six short months since his election variously called for Israel to be wiped off the map branded the Holocaust a myth suggested a Teheran conference for the worlds Holocaust deniers and most recently told Europe to brace itself to take in millions of Jewish refugees from Israel. The Muslim Council of Britain will once again boycott the U.K.s national ceremony on Thursday to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Recently a swastika was hung on Italian terraces resulting in members of some football teams being asked to spend time with Holocaust survivors.