hoe meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hoe meaning in tamil is மண்வெட்டி

hoe meaning in tamil with example

hoe tamil meaning and more example for hoe will be given in tamil.
Sharath Kamal bt Cai Xiao Li 411 1311 1513 119 Yang Zi bt Soumyadeep Roy 119 118 112 Subhajit Saha bt Lee Tien Hoe Clarence 112 117 114 Yang Zi bt Sharath Kamal 117 811 118 116 Cai Xiao Li bt Soumyadeep Roy 115 1214 117 118. Various crude home and farm appliances like coconut scrappers chirava pestle ulakka wooden hoe handles etc were on sale at the annual fair besides agriculture produce.