hoarse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hoarse meaning in tamil is தொண்டைகட்டி

hoarse meaning in tamil with example

hoarse tamil meaning and more example for hoarse will be given in tamil.
Antony pointed out that those who were crying hoarse that the Congress will cease to exist soon were being proved wrong as the relevance of Congress was increasing at the national level. While every other APSRTC union and political parties cried hoarse at the additional burden to the passenger the recognised National Mazdoor Union supported the fare hike. Both the Traffic Police and Motor Vehicles Department MVD personnel have been crying hoarse about shortage of manpower for traffic management in the city. What went wrong with the Opposition whose leaders over the past few months had been crying themselves hoarse over the need for a unified front. Thousands of cadres cried hoarse when they switched on their television sets next day morning only to witness the octogenarian being dragged by the policemen down the staircase at the formers residence. Natwar Singh to cry hoarse that he has been sacrificed by the Pathak panel and that he is victim of an international conspiracy. The shocking neglect of the drainages coupled with wanton encroachments has left the city roads and several lowlying areas vulnerable to inundation at the first sign of rain say residents welfare organisations which have been crying hoarse over the issue. Thus the CIC might cry itself hoarse on the validity of file notings the Government might say it has backed off on the amendment on file notings but the Governments Ministries and Departments will behave as if the amendment was in place. This time it is residents of Shankar Nagar basti adjacent to the Race Course Road in Malakpet who are crying hoarse over the Governments project to develop the NagoleChaderghat stretch into a road along the banks of the Musi.