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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hoard meaning in tamil is புதையல், தங்கக் குவியல், புகலிடம்

hoard meaning in tamil with example

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Since it is an offence to stock and hoard medicines without selling them wholesale dealers have decided to stop all purchases so that there is no supply at the source. But many important treasures such as a hoard of Kushite gold jewellery ended up in Berlin and London. He said the squads which would start operations in a couple of days would also check if the shops hoard provisions sell old stocks or tamper with the price list. While the Centre had given a free hand to the traders to resort to forward trading and to hoard food grains the State Government had not even constituted allparty advisory committees at village and district levels for monitoring prices. He also spoke about Kalinga Asmaka Vidarbha and Asika and Chedi coins imperial punchmarked coins from Hyderabad museum and Amaravathi hoard of imperial punchmarked coins. Suresh Kumar here on Saturday warned the traders who tended to hoard essential commodities of raids and severe action. Its other distinction is that it looks as though it was minted yesterday said Melanie Reed from Newcastle University whose archaeology museum found the 5 pencesized coin while researching a forgotten 18th century hoard left for years in a local bank.