hive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hive meaning in tamil is தேன்கூடு

hive meaning in tamil with example

hive tamil meaning and more example for hive will be given in tamil.
Series of protests The employees are protesting against the Centres decision to hive off 10 per cent of its share in NLC. Staff of the Forest Department destroyed on Monday a hive of wasps troubling residents of Ariyankuppam near Puducherry. The platform with the rover will hive itself off after the spacecraft reaches its orbit above the moon and land on lunar soil. Tata Group company VSNL on Friday said it would hive off its retail business undertaking to its wholly owned subsidiary 151 DIL Internet 151 for a consideration of up to Rs. Simultaneously the board approved a proposal to hive off the customer support business into an independent wholly owned subsidiary of TVSE. It may be mentioned here that there is a proposal to hive off water supply from the responsibility of Mysore City Corporation and entrust it to a new body called the Mysore Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board.