hitch meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hitch meaning in tamil is நெம்பித் துக்கு

hitch meaning in tamil with example

hitch tamil meaning and more example for hitch will be given in tamil.
The convention through another resolution urged the Government to disburse scholarship and loan scholarship to school and college students in the beginning of academic year to facilitate them to continue their studies without any hitch or stress. The authorities did not visualise any hitch as a majority of the ryots have reconciled with the realities and feel it is a better choice to accept the ONGC offer instead of parting with their land at a lesser rate under the acquisition process. They expect some hitch on the cost of the lands adjoining the highway in which case the ryots might seek the courts intervention for higher compensation. The only hitch in this latest proposal is lack of medical staff for the additional roundtheweek medical service. Faisalabad The pitch has been the hitch in the Allianz Test series so far. But the hitch is that there are a couple of shops and the authorities are reluctant to displease them. Ruling out any hitch in seatsharing talks among the DPA constituents he said the DMK would take the final decision on allotment of seats. Sivasailam told presspersons that there will not be any hitch in opening the accounts of beneficiaries under the scheme because they can open their accounts in nationalised banks cooperative banks and the post offices. But the hitch was that the University authorities and the Senate were dillydallying in appointing the Professor highlyplaced sources said because of apparent political pressure from a local political bigwig.