historic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
historic meaning in tamil is சிரித்திர சம்பந்தமான, சரித்திர பிரசித்தி பெற்ற

historic meaning in tamil with example

historic tamil meaning and more example for historic will be given in tamil.
Debesh Das President of the Sammelan in his speech referred to the historic ties between Bengal and South India not only in the realm of thought and religion but in the field of politics. SSF leaders said here that the website www.ssfmalappuram.com would give a clear guideline about the historic district conference to be held later this month. Northern Areas is the gateway to China and Central Asia and through the historic silk route provides access for trade energy and travel. Their fortnight long visit in June last year was termed historic as it kicked off the informal interaction between the leaders of Kashmir on either side of the Line of Control LoC. The Indian campaign in Pakistan gets underway with a threeday practice game at the historic BagheJinnah ground here on Saturday and Dravid will be in the thick of things marshalling his men. Thousands of devotees visited the nine temples that constituted historic Navathirupathi and offered prayers to the deities. In January 2004 the other book Shivaji Hindu King in Muslim India was banned because of alleged derogatory remarks against Chhatrapati Shivaji a historic figure of Maharashtra and his mother. We are united as a team. Dravid said the Indian gameplan in essence would remain the same as on the last occasion when India registered a historic 21 Test series triumph We put up huge scores on the board. While the year 2003 saw 100 years of the KalkaShimla rail link being commemorated with a drive to Shimla the 350 years of Taj Mahal was celebrated with a drive to the historic city of Agra.