hipbone meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hipbone meaning in tamil is இடுப்பு எலும்பு

hipbone meaning in tamil with example

hipbone tamil meaning and more example for hipbone will be given in tamil.
Thiruvananthapuram Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who suffered a hipbone fracture after slipping on snow in Davos on Saturday has been advised rest for four weeks. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy under treatment at a hospital in Switzerland after fracturing his hipbone on Saturday was in a much better condition on Sunday according to a press release issued here by Finance Minister Vakkom Purushothaman. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who was convalescing from a hipbone injury is likely to attend office from Monday. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who was recuperating after surgery for a hipbone fracture resumed work on Monday.