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There is a section of people particularly from the hinterland and arid regions of the state who like to indulge in monsoon chasing. All these tourism models should have both private and public participation Mr. Santhosh Baboo of the NCC 1 TN Armed Squadron the expedition will traverse over 2000 kilometres over a fortnight touching heartland and hinterland of the State. These trains will connect Indias major ports and the hinterland for transport of goods for international and domestic trade. He said this railway line is an important one for South Western Railway as the transportation of goods to the New Mangalore Port from the hinterland will increase dramatically. Once fresh capacities go onstream in the next 24 months firms in India will be forced to find new customers not only deeper within the hinterland but also overseas. The entire hinterland comprising the taluks of SanguemQuepem is the hub of the mining activity in South Goa. All those overcrowded jampacked rickety buses traverse the length and breadth of our motherlands hinterland in sweltering heat. The focus of the diversification activities would be the beautiful hinterland of the State dotted with hillocks areca groves cashew and coconut plantations and artisans villages. Once the railway line is opened to goods traffic it will facilitate transportation of goods from the hinterland to Mangalore port say sources in the trust. The Cochin Port being the only major port close to the international maritime route is required to provide facilities for handling bulk cargo that comes in large ships for transportation to the hinterland by rail and road.