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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hint meaning in tamil is குறிப்பால் உணர்த்தல், சுட்டிக்காட்டுதல்

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WHEN I met Orhan Pamuk last August the internationally acclaimed Turkish writer did not even hint at the trouble he would have to face over his controversial remarks on issues regarded as holy cows in his country. Though on a slow pitch with a hint of uneven bounce where Anil Kumble and Sunil Joshi will turn their arm over in the next few days Delhi might well nip the host tail early on Wednesday morning to avoid trailing a 300 plus total. Dikshit who has been pressing for trifurcation of the civic body for efficient management of the citys civic affairs also has a hint about the missing list and by demanding it be made public she further wants to prove her point that it was high time that the MCD be made more manageable. Perfect judgment Dravids judgment was impeccable he was so certain about his offstump that he did not provide the Pakistani pacemen with a hint of an opportunity. When the first hint came from The HolyIndia I was expecting a voracious reader of the paper to get the honour based on some systematic collection of individual profiles and due filtering. The Indian captain should also consider the option of playing three pacers if he sees even the slightest hint of grass. The pitch continues to be in favour of the batsmen but there is a hint of assistance to the spinners and the odd ball is tending to keep a trifle low. The obvious hint was that the religion issue in Muslim majority Malaysia was better not discussed in the public domain. He dropped a hint that the Congress in the State will take up the task of rebuilding the organisation with emphasis on secularism.