himself meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
himself meaning in tamil is அவனே, தானே, அவனையே

himself meaning in tamil with example

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Well one does not necessarily have to serve in hotels before becoming a badminton champion but that was what Vimal did in England as he tried to support himself while struggling to make a career in professional sport. Vinay played his role to perfection though Sandeep himself was not all that inelegant in his tackling and interceptions not to speak of his hefty clearances. Has the Collector himself sent a greeting to us What should we do now the women started asking them not knowing what to do. Rajnath Singh himself has signalled 151 that one of the primary tasks before him will be to restore the primacy of ideology in the party. The party credits him with being an able administrator proving himself in the jobs of Chief Minister in 2000 and Surface Transport Minister in the Vajpayee Government. Police Commissioner Ajai Kumar Singh told presspersons on Saturday that he himself had received two calls. When the joy of devotion to the Lord takes hold of the mind man frees himself from the bondage of the world. The caller identified himself as Raju but did not specify whether the train was Mumbaibound or Ferozpurbound. All his learning will be a lifeless mass of information which brings no delight to himself and no happiness to others. Role model For one who models himself on the lines of Pete Sampras Muller has set himself some targets. To reread that early interview is to be struck by his determination to uplift himself and his backwater state. Nor did the supposedly narrow youngster from the harder suburbs of Launceston limit himself to cricket in that first conversation.