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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hilt meaning in tamil is உடைவாள், பிச்சுவா முதலியவைகளின்) கைப்பிடி

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She sliced in a few perfectlyangled serves which Rushmis racquet could sometimes just gape at tested the elasticity of her opponents bones to the hilt and even lent a hand in adding on to Rushmis pile of errors. All the roads leading to the venue were packed to the hilt and the devotees virtually inched their way towards the shrine. The MAT had been mishandled and mismanaged by the Mufti regime to the hilt and we have solid proof regarding this he said. The Kazakhs made up for their lack of skill by using their height advantage to the hilt and overcame Maldives in an errorprone match. The Indian pair still fought to the hilt and forced a tiebreaker but that only delayed the inevitable as they surrendered meekly in the second set for Australia to complete a comefrombehind victory. This contagion can be leveraged by vested interests as unsuccessfully tried to the hilt in the West Bengal elections. Important backing Gopi is pleased that BAI president V.K. Verma and former National coach T.P.S. Puri are backing him to the hilt in his endeavour. Using IT to the hilt Information Technology has emerged as an enabler rather than a supporter of business processes and the companies need to leverage it for their improving their performance. In fact the slackness resulted in quite a few defensive lapses as well which Yena used to his advantage to the hilt and struck twice in the first half and once in the second. That apart the open land is full of thorny bushes which the residents have exploited to the hilt to dump garbage and use it as a public convenience.