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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Although the massacre was not directly related to the casteequations in the village the perpetrators all Yadavs apparently thought their dominant status in the social hierarchy gave them immunity from the law. Metropolitan Thomas Athanasios told The HolyIndia that the attempt to enter the church was not a planned one and that it was just a step to draw the attention of the State authorities who appeared incapable of imposing the rule of law or to prevent the Jacobite hierarchy from entering the church. If Parliament has reposed faith in the CJI as the paterfamilias of the judicial hierarchy in this country it is not open for anyone to contend that the CJI might have given his concurrence without application of mind or without calling for the necessary inputs. Describing the modus operandi of MCD officials in allowing people to raise illegal constrictions for a consideration the Bench said a hierarchy of officials beginning from the Junior Engineer level were involved in this and the Court wants this racket going on for the past 50 years to end. Though the two groups were against the hierarchical system there was caste hierarchy within each group. Vacancies to be filled All vacancies in the police hierarchy would be filled and an academy would also be set up for their proper training to control crime and improve the law and order situation in the State. Junaid had begun his career with the LashkareTaiba in 1991 as a foot soldier for the jihad in Jammu and Kashmir rising rapidly through the organisations hierarchy as a protg of Azam Cheema in charge of the transborder movements of the LashkareTaiba.