hideout meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hideout meaning in tamil is மறைவிடம்

hideout meaning in tamil with example

hideout tamil meaning and more example for hideout will be given in tamil.
The AntiRobbery Section of the Crime Branch received a tipoff about one Miraz Ahmed an MCA who was running the illegal exchange from his hideout at Sarai Julena village in South Delhi. A raid was conducted at the hideout last week and Miraz and three other accused Malik Abbas AzazUlHaq and Arshad Ali were arrested. The duo identified as Deepak Jain and Ram further revealed the names of their two accomplices Kali Ram and Dillipun who were working at their hideout in Sainik Farms. A raid was carried out at the hideout and the two were arrested along with 94 cartons of whiskey that was for sale in Haryana. The priority of the Forest Department was to chase the elephants into the forests only at night as the herds refused to come out of their hideout during daytime. According to the police the accused Pawan Kumar and Anil Singh were arrested at their hideout in Haryana. Based on a tip off a police team raided the hideout and seized 76 kg of sulphur and 61 kg of chloride. Superintendent of Police Syed Ashaq Hussain Bukhari said that on specific information a hideout at Pazalpora was raided and three AK rifles four rockets one machine gun 10 grenades and other ammunition were recovered. The police raided a hideout and arrested five persons involved in printing and circulating fake currency notes here on Monday. Following a tipoff a raid was conducted at the hideout of the two suspects at Shalimar Bagh in NorthWest Delhi on Sunday. Deputy Commissioner of Police EOW Prabhakar said the accused had let loose two German shepherd dogs in the compound of his hideout to prevent anybody from coming in.