hide meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hide meaning in tamil is மறைத்தல், ஒளி

hide meaning in tamil with example

hide tamil meaning and more example for hide will be given in tamil.
They too could spend more time in prison if it turns out they did ingest drugs or tried to hide them in their body cavities. They have lied about the amount of hazardous materials on board tried to hide behind confidentiality clauses and deliberately misrepresented facts said Ramapati Kumar Toxics Campaigner Greenpeace India. The CPIM leader was playing hide and seek on the issue of whether the LDF leadership would comprise K. As well as the gum lift there is its converse the gum graft to hide the roots of teeth that are overexposed. Vijayan said the United Democratic Front UDF had been playing hide and seek with regard to the implementation of the Narendran panel report and the absence of five Ministers at Fridays Cabinet meet which was supposed to discuss the report was a pointer in this regard. It is nothing but a clear attempt to hide the corruption that had taken place during the privatisation of power he remarked. The sun played hide and seek in Shimla and its surrounding areas and the minimum temperature was down to 3.4 degree Celsius two degrees above normal. A careful study of the Court order reveals that to hide their own shortcomings and dereliction in duties the MCD officials have perhaps not placed actual facts in the Court and a weak case was fought CAIT secretary general Praveen Khandelwal said. Rabbit hide is in high demand in the market for manufacturing car upholstery vanity bags and pullovers. They usually visit the Capital for a couple of days lift vehicles during the night and then hide the vehicles in their villages before disposing them of one by one.