hick meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hick meaning in tamil is முட்டாள்

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Slither returns to that ageold formula of a hick town plagued by alien slugs that spew acid vomit and little sluglings that crawl into your brain and lobotomise you. Former England batsman Graeme Hick made history by becoming the first Worcestershire player to hit 100 centuries. On Thursday Hick added seven more runs needed to reach three figures of the Championships match against Northamptonshire at New Road. He has a Test average of 38 151 six more than just as one instance Graeme Hick 151 and yet he played as if he had taken an overdose of adrenalin. It should have been three as Graeme Hick too has represented two countries 151 Zimbabwe and England. Hick hick hurray to Hyderabadi guzzlers for staying above the national per capita consumption of spirits.