habit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
habit meaning in tamil is பழக்கவழக்கம்

habit meaning in tamil with example

habit tamil meaning and more example for habit will be given in tamil.
The habit of welcoming New Year with high spirits is growing among the citys youths with a good number of bars and restaurants becoming hubs for their parties. Talking over cell phones was another bad habit many twowheeler riders especially youth had developed which needed to be discouraged so that safety of others on the road was not in danger Mr. The State Government on Tuesday was directed by a Division Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court to initiate awareness programme to inculcate the habit of using seat belts in cars and helmets by twowheeler drivers in the State. V.N. Mukundarajan Thiruvananthapuram Improve driving habit Despite the steps taken by the Government to prevent road accidents loss of life continues unabated. WHEN THE former Argentinian soccer ace Diego Maradona suffered a heart attack last year few believed he could survive a condition brought on by his recurrent cocaine habit and a runaway weight problem. The way to break free from the culture of denial 151 a denial of the realities of news production 151 is to acquire the habit of correcting as you go he told the audience. The Minister said the reading habit was on the rise among schoolchildren after the introduction of the grading system. Grabbing the mike quickly and wasting no time Union Minister for Rural Development Raghuvansh Prasad Singh began his speech in Hindi... Bihar mein... in Bihar... . he said out of habit but cut short and corrected himself Andar Pardes mein... In Andhra Pradesh... . People who were obese those taking alcohol sedatives or sleeping pills and those with the habit of loud snoring were prone to Sleep Apnea the release said.