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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
guarantee meaning in tamil is உத்திரவாதம்

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guarantee tamil meaning and more example for guarantee will be given in tamil.
The FoodforWork programme in Adilabad district under the National Employment Guarantee Act will be launched in the last week of February 2006. Some insurance companies have launched capital guarantee plans where a predefined minimum sum is assured on maturity or death irrespective of the performance of equity markets. Fernandez said the Union Government was chalking out a programme to extend the Employment Guarantee Scheme to all districts in the country. Earlier the Employment Guarantee scheme was scheduled to be launched on November 19 and a health security programme on January 1 2006. She has pointed out that in the phaseII and phaseIII trials the earlier guarantee of a phase lag has been removed through the amendment. Neither is it about numbers that add up to a certain digit that would guarantee you a lifetime of happiness. District Collector D.V. Raidu addressing a workshop on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Nizamabad on Tuesday. District Collector D.V. Raidu said the administration would gear up to implement the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the district from the coming financial year. I have to keep improving as the guys are improving too and they obviously want to beat you they come up with new stuff too and Ive always got to be ready for them. What Roger Federer is saying is that there can be no guarantee he will win the Australian Open. 140 crores for the financial year 200607 to implement the provisions of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005.