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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
grab meaning in tamil is திடிரெனப் பிடி

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In the past thirdworld poverty did occasionally grab attention but only when framed as an appeal to respond to a humanitarian crisis. The ubiquitous darshini which is an order get token grab your tray and stand and eat kind of place is Udupi gone the fast food way. In the process Anup did make a few unforced errors allowing Joy to grab some bonus points and cut the deficit to 510. Not to be left out completely Srichaphan did come up with a shot or two but it seemed to stem more out of frustration and irritation than a need to grab a point. Keen to grab the attention of the selectors cricketers are giving their best shot and leading the pack are players like P. K. Archana Senapati Cuttack Of late politicians have been making wild allegations against opponents to grab the media limelight or divert public attention from the core issues. It is amply clear a political drama is being enacted to keep something afloat and grab the headlines. Bengal while looking to draw the game will not lose an opportunity to grab full points depending on the condition of the pitch and the target it might face. Under pressure from the US and other advanced countries an attempt is being made to increase the FDI limit so as to enable foreign multinationals to grab the Indian insurance market ICEU general secretary B.B. Ganesh told reporters on Wednesday. No effective measures are being conceived to grab the tax dodgers and curb the parallel economy the association leaders told a press conference here on Thursday.