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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gourd meaning in tamil is சுரைக்காய்

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The farmers ready to produce seeds of common vegetables including bitter gourd snake gourd and others will get a subsidy of 50 per cent. A dinosaur model made of bitter gourd beckons visitors at the Cochin Flower Show which began in the city on Thursday. Pumpkin was made into a bird watermelon into a flowerpot Ash gourd bearing the forms of various gods and goddesses and a variety of sweets and ice creams. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR has identified the first variety of spine gourd for commercial cultivation in Chhattisgarh Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand Orissa and Maharashtra. The gourd has been developed by the Ambikapurbased Chhattisgarh Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. The average yield of this variety of gourd is between eight to 10 quintals per hectare in the first year 10 to 15 quintals per hectare in the second year and 15 to 20 quintals per hectare from the third year on. This was followed by the distribution of bitter gourd juice as a symbolic protest against the authorities not allowing buses from the islands to the city. The sowing of Amarantus thotakura bitter gourd pumpkin snake gourd ridge gourd and ash gourd usually sown in the beginning of the kharif season would be delayed because of the extended summer. Similarly of the total 5043 hectares brought under vegetables tuber crops were cultivated on 206 ha. onion on 1950 ha. brinjal on 220 ha. tomato on 550 ha. ladies finger on 210 ha. drumstick on 1204 ha. bitter gourd on 125 ha. 9 local variety Rs.10 potato Rs.8.50 and onion Rs.7. The most soughtafter ridge gourd and bottle gourd are quoted in the range of Rs.15 to Rs.20 in the local markets.