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Those who sustained electric shock were identified as Periyasamy 55 Raman 55 Muthulakshmi 40 Vasantha 27 Bhagyam 40 Nagammal 50 Neelavathi 30 and Gomathi 27 of Pookkollai village and Karupayee 67 of Vathalaikadu village. Duke Durairaj Mahila Congress president Gomathi Shanmugam President of Valliyoor Congress unit Suyambulinga Durai participated in the demonstration and the meeting. The protestors said They will work against all candidates fielded by the Democratic Progressive Alliance if their demand was not met. As the protest was going on the district Mahila Congress president Gomathi Shanmugam tried to immolate herself after pouring kerosene on her. Doubles Sankavi Gomathi bt Krithika Sakthi Uma 217 2110 Ramya Krithika bt Sindhya Naga 2111 2110. Bronze division 25 36 Dhroupadi 107 Gomathi Rajaram 109 Miki Tobari 112 Teruku 114 Ramani Arun Kumar 114. Bronze Division 2536 Priya Khanna 109 106 215 Mishq Laliwala 120 105 225 Gomathi Rajaram 108 117 225 Miki Tobari 114 112 226. Bronze Division Priya Khanna 109 106 111 326 Gomathi Rajaram 112 113 113 338 Dhroupadi 107 120 115 342 Mishq Laliwala 120 105 118 343. The Srinivasa Ramanujan Academy of Maths Talent Mylapore chose Gomathi Chandrasekaran of Hindu Senior Secondary School Indira Nagar for the Ramanujan Award for Maths Teachers. The demonstration was led by Tirunelveli Mayor Muthuramalingam Shencotta Municipal Chairman Rahim and Tenkasi Municipal Chairman Gomathi Nayakam. The project presented by Gomathi said that though there are different varieties of fish in the sea fishermen are aware of only a few varieties.