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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
goldsmith meaning in tamil is தட்டார்

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Brahmanandam a goldsmith by profession went to a Church along with his family to attend prayers in connection with the New Year. Without that we may well lament with Oliver Goldsmith of a land where wealth accumulates and men decay. Britains controversyprone police chief Ian Blair is facing calls for his resignation after it emerged that he secretly recorded a private phone conversation with AttorneyGeneral Lord Goldsmith in September last year. Lord Goldsmith was reported to have been extremely angry when he was informed that he had been secretly taped but after Sir Ian apologised and explained the circumstances his spokesman said he regarded the matter closed. The accused were working under a goldsmith K Arumugam 39 in the shop and took away gold when he was absent. A rare photograph that forms part of the collection with Padmanabha a goldsmith from Mysore shows the affection and mutual admiration the two legendary actors had for each other. Protesting under the banner of All India Trade Union Congress they said frequent fluctuations in the prices of silver and gold had affected the silver anklet manufacturing units and goldsmith workshops in the district. Huge loss As a result the silver anklet manufacturing units and the goldsmith workshops here had suffered losses they said. Gold prices have been soaring for the last few months but the glitter has gone out of the lives of many goldsmith families across the State. As many of them have buying gold as an investment option rather than for making ornaments we have remained jobless for the last few months said a local goldsmith K.