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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
goggles meaning in tamil is பாதுகாப்புக் கண்ணாடி

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Narayan Reddy pointing towards a few old persons wearing the trade mark black goggles waiting to see the doctor at the Government hospital. The little boy is all set to beat the summer heat with smart goggles and an umbrella for protection as he travels on a twowheeler with his parents. Even Suresh Meena the Bahujan Samaj Party MLA from Karauli turned up took a seat on the stage set on a hillock overlooking the Thimmengarh Fort and the mela grounds where devotees teemed and children wearing cheap goggles ate endless sticks of ice candy. Helmets do not restrict vision any more than many spectacle frames and goggles do and full coverage helmets provide only minor restrictions in horizontal peripheral vision often less than 5 per cent from that of a rider without helmet. An assortment of stripes came to the fore in their shirts what with all the male and female models enhancing every bit of the fabric wonder with goggles and rich black trousers. A threeday Night Vision Goggles NVG indoctrination course for helicopter aircrew is conducted at the indigenously developed NVG training laboratory. Salman Khan dressed nattily in a suit dark goggles and sporting earrings came calling in the Capital on Tuesday. Taking out his goggles in typical Bollywood style the flamboyant actor obliged each and every photographer and television cameraman around before giving the journalists a chance to throw queries at him. In addition to the jellyfish stings she had her goggles knocked off at the first feeding station and had to hang on a buoy until a worker sent out another pair.