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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
goddess meaning in tamil is தேவி

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The Goddess was adorned in silk saree and decked with jewels and the Lord was decorated with the silver Nagabharanam for the occasion. I had never imagined that darshan would be possible on New Years day and I am overjoyed that I could have a blissful darshan of the Goddess and the Lord said a beaming Santhanakrishnan a physically challenged youth. Thousands of devotees thronged Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple and had a darshan of the Goddess and Lord on New Years Day. At Sri Soundararaja Perumal Temple at Thadikombu thirumanjamam was performed to the main deity and utsavamurthies around 5 a.m. Later Lord Sri Soundraraja Perumal and Goddess Sri Soundaravalli Thayar were mounted on a welldecorated palanquin and taken out in a procession around the temple. With Bhattacharyas chanting holy hymns the Parama Padha Vasal was opened at 6 a.m. The God and Goddess were placed at a florally decorated mandap outside the main prakaram of the temple for public darshan. Bhagirathi darshan The two swamijis went to the Madhwa Sarovara and had a darshan of Goddess Bhagirathi. Making trips of hospital looking out for specialists and trying to find out which god or goddess or faith is more merciful they embark on a journey to set things right for the child. Held in veneration by both Hindus and Muslims the temple is dedicated to Hinglaj Devi Goddess of Fate. Special poojas were performed by devotees and temple priests at Basar in connection with Vasantha Panchami the birthday of Goddess Saraswati on Thursday.