glucose meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
glucose meaning in tamil is குளுக்கோஸ், பழச் சக்கரை

glucose meaning in tamil with example

glucose tamil meaning and more example for glucose will be given in tamil.
We were with the baby till 1.30 a.m. when the glucose drip was removed after which we went to sleep. Sheikh Saad is known to be in poor health and had been hospitalised in June last year on account of the rise in glucose levels in his blood. The study selected over 500 people with impaired glucose tolerance IGT from around 11000 screened for diabetes. Stress contributes by producing hormones shooting up blood glucose levels above the desirable range and leading to lifethreatening situations she said. So a bill must be passed in Parliament emphasising that all politicians above 50 should eat only glucose for breakfast lunch and dinner. Children born to mothers who have high blood sugar during pregnancy are at the risk of developing glucose intolerance according to studies carried out in Chennai. Seshiah said the development of glucose intolerance during pregnancy had longterm consequence for children in the womb. Helping pregnant women maintain a normal glucose level would go a long way in preventing their progeny from developing diabetes later in life. A glucose tolerance test must be made the first time a pregnant woman presented herself to the gynaecologist for checkup. Harishwar Reddy was admitted to Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences NIMS in Hyderabad after his glucose level caused concern. A survey by the Madras Medical College had shown that 11 per cent of rural women and 16 per cent of urban women were diabetic and the number of those with impaired glucose tolerance was increasing Dr. A.K.Das director and professor of medicine and medical superintendent JIPMER said.