glow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
glow meaning in tamil is பிரகசம், பிரகசித்தள், ஒளி விசுதால்

glow meaning in tamil with example

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I 4yo over Greyhound Metal PrecieuxStar Rock 56 Suraj Narredu 1 Cannon Glow 57 B.V. Krishnan 2 Camarero 57 Rutherford 3 and Shakira 57 Christopher 4. The lights went off and out came the glow from the mobile phones instantly turning the atmosphere hyperelectric. The very next song Ghanan Ghanan brought the glow of mobile phones back as the light from hundreds of swaying phones illuminated the stadium. After spirited bidding for the outsourcing of advertisement fee on glow signboards agencies like UniAds AdAge Prakash Ads and Saroos Ad Communications fought hard for the central medians. The Fund Your Concept launched by MCH evoked good response to take up and maintain public amenities like Foot Over Brides installation and maintenance of traffic signals junction improvements road medians footpaths public toilets and glow signs. Back then critics of arms control treaties warned that whoever was in the White House would sell out U.S. national security for the momentary glow of a good news story. Elusive Glow has an edge over his six rivals in the Surfside Cup 1200m the main event of the races to be held here on Wednesday. In a press release issued here the society informed that the planet can be spotted with naked eye after sunset in the western direction towards glow of the setting sun up to first week of March. The villages very own poet Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan whose rhythmic rich verses have given a philosophical glow to the native folklores mainly centred on the ancient Bhagavathy Temple there too has joined the team as a motivating force.