glean meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
glean meaning in tamil is அறுக்கும் போது தவறி விழும் தானியக்கதிர்களைச் சேகரி

glean meaning in tamil with example

glean tamil meaning and more example for glean will be given in tamil.
Dravid has the confidence and aggression to glean the good ideas from the bad and therefore would have done well with a coach like Woolmer. Political motive Observers can glean a political motive behind the Governments reluctance to so immediately as a major chunk of the local bodies are held by the TDP. Im just a kid in the kindergarten trying to glean the basics of the textile trade after being appointed a Minister. It will take at least two years to glean sufficient educational material from the Internet for setting up the Eduserver says Mr.