glass meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
glass meaning in tamil is கண்ணாடி, கண்ணாடிகுவளை

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Although a traditional Mising Chang Ghar does not have a balcony or a glass window the architects have had added the features made of bamboo to provide it a mix of traditional and modern architecture. The Minister as everyone on the dais however did when he was given gooseberry and a glass of water in a small brass water pot with a snout. Also on display is the Scorpio technology concept vehicle featuring the latest technology such as the antipinch windows advanced telematics tyre pressure monitoring system energizer glass and the IR absorption front window glasses. We need to remove the existing film carefully to avoid scratches on the glass and then fix the new film with equal care that is why it costs so much they explain. Illumination of the gardens and the fames and painstakingly restored Lalbagh Glass House a multimedia presentation at the Fossil Park laser displays and exclusive landscaping of the show areas will be other highlights. Known to do things differently Aamir this time came armed with a specially created 300 ml returnable glass bottle of CocaColaRang De Basanti. The Mysore Palace Assistant Executive Engineer K.L. Balakrishna told The HolyIndia that the project to renovate and restore the chandeliers had taken almost a year as several guidelines issued by the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute had to be followed. While the biodegradable waste is to be stored in the green bin capable of storing 11 litres the nondegradable materials such as plastic and glass will go into the white container of 15 litre capacity.