gladly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gladly meaning in tamil is விரும்பு

gladly meaning in tamil with example

gladly tamil meaning and more example for gladly will be given in tamil.
If there was a park nearby I would gladly send him there. Keeping children indoors also results in them getting addicted to the colourful images on television a far greater attraction than getting sweaty on a playground. Give us a reality Space Station with its timerecorded saga of accomplishment and we would gladly queue up for tickets at the turnstiles. Though many people in coastal Karnataka have Konkani and Tulu as their mother tongue they had gladly accepted Kannada as their own language. Quite a few grown ups would however gladly go back to school for the menus on offer in some of the capitals more fancy institutions Then theres the famous Mumbai school now in the news for creating a VVIP enclosure for the richest of parents at its annual celebrations. The high command became synonymous with arbitrariness and waywardness nonetheless in the 1980s State and districtlevel Congress leaders gladly submitted to the high commands diktats because both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi seemed to have the requisite charisma to win votes for the party. How many of us will gladly let our children join a local cricket team instead of urging them to apply for the IndianAmerican dream.