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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
glacier meaning in tamil is நகரும் மிகப் பெரிய பனிக்கட்டி, பனிக்கட்டியாறு

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151 Staff Correspondent State funeral for BSF soldier Bidar A Border Security Force soldier from Bidar died while on duty at Siachin glacier on Sunday. Singh has proclaimed his desire to turn the glacier into a mountain of peace but this broadness of vision has not found a reflection in officiallevel discussions on the issue. In 1987 a special task including Bana Singh stormed a seemingly impregnable Pakistani post atop the 1200 plusfoot high glacier and set up an Indian post. Kedar Dome eastface rock wall situated near the Bhagirati glacier in the Gangotri valley in the Garhwal Himalayan region at an altitude of 6830 m 22539 ft has beckoned adventure enthusiasts from across the world. rock wall near Bhagirati glacier is a granite formation we felt the rocks at Ramanagaram could give us valuable experience he said. At an age when many women prefer to watch melodramatic soaps on the telly box sitting in the cosy confines of their drawing rooms this diminutive lady ventures out to climb mountains ranging from the mighty Everest to the Pindari glacier in Uttaranchal. In the Siachen Glacier too a similar incident took place in which videofootage was recorded of fake Pakistani soldiers being killed. The Siachen Glacier lies directly north of NJ 9842 the last defined area under the 1972 Shimla accord between the Saltoro Ridge which is the AGPL or actual ground position line as well as the watershed to its west and the Karakoram Range to its east. First it feared India would use the authenticated AGPL to buttress its claim to the glacier when negotiations on extending the LoC beyond NJ 9842 are eventually held.