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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ghee meaning in tamil is நெய்

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A group of pilgrims collecting ghee from gheefilled coconuts in a vessel for the Neyyabhishekom ritual at the Ayyappa Temple. Similarly in the case of pure ghee which attract four per cent VAT in some States and 12.5 per cent in others FICCI said that the product should be uniformly brought under the VAT rate of four per cent. Next time you think of buying cow ghee for special occasions and more so from Monda Market in Secunderabad please think twice. What is being sold as cow ghee till recently is nothing but plain vanaspathi dalda with colour additives added. They went to Hanumatha Rao Pachari shop in Monda Market and sought to buy five kg of cow ghee for a religious purpose. The rituals will begin with Tantri Chenas Dinesan Namboodiripad lighting the pandara aduppu with the lighted ghee lamp from the sanctum sanctorum. This will be followed by an elaborate and grand abhisheka comprising a variety of fresh fruit juices honey milk curd and ghee with a grand finale during which 30 varieties of fresh fragrant flowers of all colours are showered. The rituals began around 11.30 a.m. with Tantri Chenas Dinesan Namboodiripad lighting the pandara aduppu with a ghee lamp lit from the sanctum sanctorum. The yaga will commence with the Sri Rama Nama Taraka Mantra in which the one crore ahutis oblations made from ghee obtained from pure Indian breeds of cows will be offered. Using nearly 35 kilos of besan eight kilos of sugar to made into syrup four kilos of ghee and four kilos of dry fruits comprising cashew nuts kismis pista and badam the workers created magic in their own sweet way.