gentleman meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gentleman meaning in tamil is பண்புள்ள மனிதர்

gentleman meaning in tamil with example

gentleman tamil meaning and more example for gentleman will be given in tamil.
I was told by this gentleman to take this and when we reach a particular destination give particular light signals and people will come by boats and pick them up Raj said without saying for whom the shipment was intended. Elders of the city hailed the inclusion of Mangapati Pallamraju in the Union Cabinet describing him as a gentleman politician. Besides the following special awards were given to the students for their excellence in academic and extracurricular activities The Gentleman Award Hari Ganesh The Lady Jara Ranjan Best Outgoing Students N.G. Krishna and S. Besieged by personal problems and ailing for quite some time this gentleman official of yesteryear largely responsible in taking Anand around the world for competitive circuit in his capacity as the secretary of AllIndia Chess Federation is now battling for life. Coming and going Outside the Durgiana Mandir this reporter got chatting with a gentleman wearing a brown suit. An actor par excellence and a gentleman to the core Rajkumar deserved a farewell fit for a citizen extraordinaire. One gentleman said that he would have loved to take a cruise holiday but could not because he was just too busy. Were I to be in 19th century Shanghai the appearance of the said gentleman would have caused not a second thought. When questioned the RTC officials said that there was a cancellation soon after the gentleman left the counter. Former Match Referee Mike Denness was perhaps the gentleman who pioneered for the ICC how double standards could be applied when India were involved.