genocide meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
genocide meaning in tamil is இனப்படுகொலை

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genocide tamil meaning and more example for genocide will be given in tamil.
The first offering from Sathyam Cinemas new brand Pure Cinema is Hotel Rwanda a film that deals with the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi tribe by the ruling Hutu tribe. The terms lebensraum and konzentrationslager were both first used by the German colonial regime in southwest Africa now Namibia which committed genocide against the Herero and Nama peoples and bequeathed its ideas and personnel directly to the Nazi party. He suggested that the Home Ministry enact provisions related to genocide and model its Bill on the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993. Jeyaram Sholavandan T.N. The editorials reasoning that nuclear weaponisation is the ultimate means of genocide is irrefutable but then India was the seventh country to turn nuclear. This is clear from what happened to Saddam Husseins Iraq or to Yugoslavia and Rwanda that witnessed genocide in the name of ethnic cleansing. Pakistans Islamists have long had an instrumentalist relationship with the state apparatus and served its interests in campaigns as disparate as the war of genocide against Bangladesh nationalists in 1971 or the jihad against India. Nehru said talk of genocide and about Junagadh was entirely irrelevant for a consideration of the Kashmir problem. The former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein who is currently facing charges of crimes against humanity will face for the first time genocide charges over the Anfal campaign against Kurds that left around 180000 people dead the Iraqi High Tribunal said on Tuesday. These Zarqawists and Saddamists have triggered a genocide against the Shias. Other Iraqi politicians have voiced anxiety over a sectarian conflict.