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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
genius meaning in tamil is சாதுரியமிக்கவர், திறமைசாலி

genius meaning in tamil with example

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The late French theatre genius Jean Genets play titled The Maids organised jointly by the French Embassy and Alliance Francaise de Delhi will be staged at 72 Lodhi Estate on Friday. If it is the case that monopolists have contrived to throttle the 200 computer I pray that some genius will come to my aid. Ravi Varmas genius and mass appeal lay in his ability to blend Indian artistic tradition seamlessly with European techniques. What a marvellous journey that carried us all on the wings of one little mans genius to every great emotional peak that sportswatching can possibly take us to. What is more it is only when we come to terms with this reality 151 that the little genius is not spring chicken anymore 151 that we can think of digging deeper and getting to the truth that matters more than anything else something that is the real measure of the mans greatness. Grow old along with me the best is yet to be the last of life for which the first was made. Robert Brownings immortal words might ring true soon visavis our little man on whose genius we have feasted for so long and with such avaricious relish. Sreedharan did all the catering for the wedding of chef Jamie Oliver known for his BBC cooking series The Naked Chef. The blokes a complete genius and such a nice guy. Global Genius is expected to win the Northern India Cup the feature event of the races to be held here on Tuesday. Sai Sindhu a student of Xth class at Ratnam High School has emerged State topper in Dr. C.V. Raman Young Genius Award Talent Examination conducted by Viswabharati Foundation Hyderabad. M.