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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
genital meaning in tamil is பால் உறுப்பு, இனப்பெருக்க உறுப்பு

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A Unicef report a month ago estimated the number of young women who undergo genital mutilation in Africa and the Middle East at about three million a year. Need for checkup There were cases of girls who had been brought up as boys because of presence of the external male genital organ said Dr. To let them die off would be a catastrophe. Bonobos are known for greeting rival groups with genital handshakes and sensual body rubs. Almost half the women above the age of 35 years have some kind of urogynaecological problem as the urinary tract gets altered by childbirth menopause diseases of the genital tract and surgical intervention for the same. Just as I loathe the idea of separate Muslim schools in Britain or forced marriages or female genital mutilation so I cannot swallow the notion of a rising Islamist world that despises Western and liberal values. The department has been making news for quite some time particularly in February 2005 when it reconstructed the genital of a man who lost it in a freak mishap. An innovative medical procedure employed to reconstruct the genital of a man at the Gandhi Hospital here is being logged in international medical literature as the Gandhi Hospital Technique. The technique can be added to the repertoire of plastic surgeons for reconstruction of the genital after loss by electrocution or other forms of trauma the journal adds. The entire episode began when a 25yearold bachelor from the city faced a near total loss of his genital following an electrical burn accident in December 2005.