generator meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
generator meaning in tamil is ஜனனி

generator meaning in tamil with example

generator tamil meaning and more example for generator will be given in tamil.
Various organisations of electricity employees alleged that Pradeep Kumar died because electricity was passed to the 11 K.V. line from the generator of the company while he was working on the line. Dandempalli Lakshmaiah coolly enters the District Medical and Health Officers office and attaches three computers one generator and an electronic photocopy machine in full view of its staff and the public. The industry also acts as a major employment generator as 2 million people get direct and indirect employment. Mr. A typical touring theatre consists of a movie projector an electricity generator and a tent which at times may be roofless. Four unique tasks 151 En Masse Coolant Channel Replacement EMCCR sparger installation steam generator replacement and feeder replacement 151 were completed on the unit. Sarwan had sold his two buffaloes one generator set and half an acre of the remaining land to pay the money. Urs said the proposals that have been cleared include a commercial complex group housing residential apartments industrial valves foundry oxygen plant rice mill and a diesel generator servicing centre. He was forced to land his lightweight experimental plane Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer at Bournemouth International Airport in southern England instead of his planned landing point in nearby Kent after encountering generator problems. The team would carry a computer printer UPS digital camera lighting equipments laminating machine and a generator and would stay at each location for two days to take photographs of voters.