generations meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
generations meaning in tamil is பரம்பரை

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generations tamil meaning and more example for generations will be given in tamil.
Traditional breeding methods require several generations or planting seasons to produce a plant carrying the beneficial traits. Danesh said adding that it was an arena for the development of individuals and the means through which new generations were trained. If one contributes to an educational institution it helps two to three generations of students community. And this in the face of overwhelming evidence that the country already living on borrowed money would not be able to sustain those payments into the next decades and that todays working generations would be unable to shoulder the burden of a huge ageing population. For generations there had been a quiet understanding about what newspapers were for primarily to tell a society about itself to act as a pollinator of information and to be a conduit between subjects and rulers citizens and legislators legislators and citizens citizens and citizens. The U.S. has not built a new reactor since 1979 and has a gap of at least two generations when it comes to those with handson experience of running a nuclear power plant from the start. With 10 Grammy Awards 12 Platinum hits around the world and album sales exceeding 55 million copies Bryan Adams also holds multiple records for music albums sold in India with number one status across generations and genders going by music store figures. Priyanka Chakrabarty Guwahati Child marriages have been through many generations and largely legitimised by culture and tradition. A slow molecular clock suggests that the time between generations is long something that has historically set humans apart from the great apes.