generate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
generate meaning in tamil is உண்டாக்கு

generate meaning in tamil with example

generate tamil meaning and more example for generate will be given in tamil.
At least 20 trees would be required to generate 15 tonnes of fuel wood making it essential for a person to raise 15 trees around his site before constructing house compensate the tree loss. It also asked the Government to take steps to increase the taxGDP ratio which alone could generate resources for rural development and social sector spending. Owing to ITenabled technology banks are now in a position to maintain records of customers at a centralised location which is electronically accessible and to quickly and more accurately generate regular reports and specialised customer profiles. The other is to generate momentum for his main aim of the year maintaining the health of his computer points total. Besides there are plans to construct stalls towards the Gowda Samaja side to be let out for shops with a view to generate income. Lokesh suffers from a rare congenital problem where his body cannot generate enough blood and hence has to be replenished every month externally. The place is fantastic but facilities too should be developed to woo customers and generate income says Col. Nuclear power Pakistan intends to generate 8800 mw of nuclear power in the next 25 years which would account for eight per cent of the electricity production. In a letter sent to the State Government the secretary of the Forum M.P.G. Nambisan pointed out that about 14 years ago the Toll Funds Scheme was introduced in the Nilgiris to generate funds for regular maintenance of roads. Asked about the next course of action for making up for this revenue loss he said MESCOM will go out of its way to help industries which generate bulk revenue.