gene meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gene meaning in tamil is மரபணு, பரம்பரையலகு

gene meaning in tamil with example

gene tamil meaning and more example for gene will be given in tamil.
The new benefits of the application of gene technology in agri industries are sustainability of the natural resources base and food security for the growing world population. The team learnt that this transgenic variety was being apparently developed to create resistance in the okra plant to fruit and shoot borer pests Earias by inserting a Bt gene called Cry1Ac. Kannaiyan suggested that biodiversity conservation measures in the State initially focus on places where gene erosion had taken place and where depletion of biodiversity had adversely affected the livelihood of tribal people. Microbial Gene Technology MGT BioChemical Technology BCT Genomics SubAqua Marine Ecology and Toxicogenomics SAME TG Post M.Sc. The courses for which the date has been extended were M.Sc microbial gene technology M.Sc biochemical technology M.Sc genomics M.Sc subaqua marine ecology and toxicogenomics and postM.Sc certificate course in plant genetic engineering courses. He dealt with transformation of useful gene traits for pest resistance and visible markers for selection and also focussed on the scope of Biotechnology and job opportunities. It conducted its first space funeral flight in 1997 with the ashes of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and 23 other persons from all walks of life. A paper titled Cancer gene therapy killing the killer presented by B.S. Harshavardhini a ninth standard student of Bangalores Jnanodaya School has won the third prize in the junior category in the DuPont India Challenge 2005 a science paper competition.