gather meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gather meaning in tamil is கூட்டு

gather meaning in tamil with example

gather tamil meaning and more example for gather will be given in tamil.
Disappointing final As a contest the final could not gather momentum as PSB failed to find a way to breach the rival defence. Calling upon the Government to form a committee to take up a scientific survey of the coffee growing areas and gather details of the situation being faced by the growers Mr. Though he regained consciousness under medical treatment officials could not gather any details regarding him as he was showing signs of mental instability. Two mobile exhibitions and a medical van would be stationed at select points in the city where the public gather in large numbers. In the initial phase the forest staff would collect the data of pug marks and in the next few days gather the information of other wild life and the condition of the forest. But the police had made significant progress in the case like sending a team of officials to Kadpadi to gather information about the purchaser and his sub agents in Kerala. The chat around the places where cricketers gather suggests that he has been left out because he told the selectors he had personal reasons for not wishing to tour Pakistan and then emerged as the winner of the BBC TV programme Strictly Come Dancing. It is accusing the dissident leaders of going out of the way to gather information against loyalist MLAs and then passing it on to the media to discredit them in the eyes of the people and the leadership. Ananthapadmanabhan told media persons here on Friday that volunteers committed to protect marine biodiversity would gather at Gahirmata the destination for the mass nesting or Arribada of Olive Ridley turtles which arrive in lakhs to the Orissa coast for the mating season.