gate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gate meaning in tamil is படலை

gate meaning in tamil with example

gate tamil meaning and more example for gate will be given in tamil.
But unfortunately three senior journalists missed out on the action only because a police officer Inspector Giri Raj who was manning the VIP Gate did not know that the invitations issued by Max Mueller Bhavan with holograms were as good as tickets. Inconvenience Hence the railway authorities close the gate at the level crossing on Bajal Road near Kankanady frequently. Madhava said that there were even cases of women giving birth in the vehicles as the gate was closed. The SPs camp office is located on the road leading to the Andhra University Engineering College campus from Waltair Main road and the gate at the entrance of the road is closed during nights. Suspicious movements The camp office is located some 100 metres from the gate and armed policemen patrol the road from SPs camp office up to the SPs office throughout the night. It is learnt that two persons were seen moving under suspicious circumstances near the locked gate and escaped on a twowheeler when the patrolling party moved close. The Vellayil post office which was functioning from the departments building was closed down by the postal authorities and transactions shifted to a post office near the Fourth Gate a few months ago. Post office savings accounts and savings certificates of all categories held at Calicut Fourth Gate post office will stand transferred to the Vellayil post office with effect from February 1. Gupthas apartments gate on a motorcycle the others kept vigil on the other side of road on a scooter.