garbage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
garbage meaning in tamil is குப்பை

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The tiff between councillors and Commissioner of Mysore City Corporation over the contract for garbage clearance by private parties has taken a new turn with the contractors refusing to clear the garbage in 15 wards of the city till the contractual amount is increased. It may be mentioned here that Mayor Bharathi decided to write to the State Government seeking the recall of Corporation Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim after corporators cutting across party lines had taken exception to his unilateral decision to increase the contract amount for garbage clearance. We wrote to him claiming that we cannot execute the garbage clearance work in these five packages Mr. On most streets manholes have been left open wells have turned into sewage pits and empty plots resemble garbage yards. Next the dogs and the pigs take over turning the garbage over and over again till the stench is allpervading. The lorry sent to clean up garbage comes in once a week by which time it is spread all over the area. The sad part is that this kind of dumping takes place even in areas where residents protest against ferrying garbage in open trucks and indiscriminate dumping and burning of waste. Congress party workers and the residents of Kitchipalayam observed a token fast here on Monday urging the Salem Corporation to stop disposing garbage at the dump yard in their area. Rag pickers were setting afire the garbage and the foul smell emanating from the dump had become unbearable these days. Despite repeated requests the Corporation continued to dispose garbage in the dump that was located in the centre of the city.